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One of the most important elements of building security in both residential and commercial buildings is precautions for emergencies. Emergency measures taken before or after the construction of buildings greatly affect the safety of the buildings. One of these emergency measures is fire escape stairs.

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Although their name is “fire escapes”, these emergency stairs are also used in many emergencies other than fire. Therefore, fire escapes must be extremely durable and useful. There are two basic issues to be considered during the production and assembly of fire escapes. These issues are what fire escapes are made of and how they are produced.

Best Raw Material For Fire Escape

Many raw materials are used in the market for the production of fire escapes. Rope is the cheapest, most unsafe and most useless material among them. Fire escapes made of rope that does not burn up to a certain degree are not preferred much today.  These escapes also do not comply with formal fire precaution regulations. They are kept close to emergency exits. In any emergency, They hung from the emergency exit door or window. This escape method is also not suitable for use by children or old people. Another material used in the production of fire escapes is fireproof plastics. These plastics are fire resistant up to a certain temperature. However, they wear out and deform in 10-15 years due to extremely hot and rainy weather. This is a very short time when we consider that the life span of its buildings is hundreds of years. Well, what is the best material for fire stairs? What are safe and long-lasting fire escapes made of? Metals are the best material for fire escapes and emergency exits. Metal emergency exits and metal fire escape ladders are longer lasting and safer. Metal fire ladders have vital importance among the precautions. Metal fire escape ladders are generally made of high quality wrought iron, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Steel gratings are used in the steps and railings of the stairs. It is important to know these materials from which the safest and most durable fire escapes are made.

Metals In Production Of Fire Escape Ladders

Wrought Iron; They are iron-carbon alloys containing more than 2% carbon ratio. It is one of the most preferred materials in the production of kitchenware. Because it does not contain toxic substances, it is resistant to high temperatures, it conducts and distributes heat very well, it is easy to shape. We use wrought iron in metal fire escape production due to its high temperature resistance and non-toxicity. Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel: Galvanized steel is chemically treated steel to protect it from corrosion. The basic rule for protecting steel from corrosion is to coat it with another metal, zinc.  The zinc covers the surface of the steel  when the steel is immersed in molten zinc. This is a kind of chemical reaction between metals. Zinc not only adheres to the surface of the steel like paint, but becomes a part of the steel after this reaction. Steel Grating: Steel gratings are generally used in the middle parts of the steps or railings in metal fire escape stairs. Steel grates provide both protection from flames and breathing in fresh air. We can say that it is these steel grates that make metal fire escapes the safest type of emergency escapes.

Advantages Of These Metals?

These metals have also common properties as well as special properties.  Thanks to these features, the most reliable and long-lasting products are produced in the fire escape production sector.

These metals, especially cast iron, do not release toxic air during heating or burning. It is very important  to avoid breathing more poison in order to escape from the fire. 

Metals have a much higher quality than other materials. Metals are very resistant to deformation and corrosion. They do not require constant expenses such as paintings, fixing or renovation thanks to their durability. Metal fire escapes are produced in parts and assembled into the building piece by piece. Therefore, they can be easily dismantled and installed in case of any renovation in the building. Call us if you would like to learn more about our metal fire escapes. You can get detailed information about our most suitable and highest quality fire escapes for your building and request our team to come for exploration.
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