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Metal mesh is the whole of the products defined by the name of the expanded sheet. Metal mesh is used in many areas.For example construction, furniture, transportation. But the most important and priority place of use is the construction sector. Our company has been offering you a wide range of expanded metal mesh products cost effective and high quality since 1992.

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Expanded Metal Mesh Facade

We offer 27 different options in this area. Nowadays perforated metal panels are used by architects for a wide variety of applications, from decorative lighting fixtures and signs to industrial filtration screens and acoustical patents. As the uses for perforated metals have evolved,so has the perforating process itself. Manufactures now utilize specialized techniques to achieve the intended perforation patterns and sizes according to material, width of the panel and customer specifications. 

Expanded Metal Mesh Suspended Ceiling

Expanded metal consists of a versatile material, offering a variety of patterns, although it is in standar design. There are many reasons for choosing a metal mesh suspended ceiling. For example it is affordable, high quality, reliable,  durable for many years and has a modern appearance. The most common metals used for expanded metal sheets include steel, stainless steel and stell aluminum.

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence Barristers

Our company produces expended metal mesh fence with the process of expanding the desired size of sheet metal wire in the desired range.All of our expanded metal mesh fence barriers can be produced from stainless stell, they ban be delivered ready to install with hot-dip galvanized or electrostatic  powder coated and can be delivered uncollated to our customers if desired.

Mesh Metal In Industrial Sector

Expanded metal is used in many areas as well as in industrial areas. The main reasons for using expanded metal in the industrial area is that it is affordable and high quality. Our company is engaged in the production of expanded metal mesh,micro expanded metal mesh, perforated sheet, expanded metal mesh grating, woven meshes, woven mesh, gypsum wire in the industrial field. Elements such as Serial and high quality production, providing customer service with technological structure, being superior as a team and equipment, being able to process a wide range of metals have been factors in our company's being a pioneer in the sector for many years. Our motto is expanded dreams and expanded metal. We are happy to provide services to our valued customers.
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