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As Anb metal , customer comfort is our top priority. We have been carrying out our activities in many areas for many years. Both our expert staff and the experience we have gained over the years have a large share in us being the pioneer of the sector. Another area where we have been successful is outdoor furniture. 

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As you know, the durability of metal products is very high. A large number of chairs and tables are produced by our company, which people can choose according to the decoration of their living spaces and their personal preferences. Metal outdoor furniture we produce can be used in terraces, gardens , cafes and restaurants, recreation areas, etc. These products provide you with high quality but many years of use. Therefore, metal should be your priority in outdoor furniture.

How Should Metal Outdoor Furniture Be ?

Metal tables and chairs are provided in homes, cafes and restaurants, hotels, meeting and conference rooms, lounges, winter gardens and many more imaginable living areas. If the chair will be used frequently in the place where. Metal furniture will be used and it needs to respond to heavy traffic, it should be noted that it has these features when selecting. Evaluations should be made and appropriate products should be designed. Especially in restaurants, cafes and hotels, the chairs used by many customers should be durable and robust.If the place where Metal furniture will be used is designed according to modern lines, the furniture must be designed in accordance with the modern style. After determining how an item will be needed in the place where the furniture will be used, the choice of chair that best suits the space should be made. Especially if a chair is to be selected for use outdoors, a chair that can withstand rain, sun and other external factors should be selected. It is very important to produce products taking into account weather conditions. Due to their robust structure and ease of use, metal chairs and tables with a very wide area of use are often preferred in indoor decoration as well as outdoor decoration.  Metal chairs have become an indispensable chair type in outdoor designs due to their durable and long life. Metal chairs are a kind of comfortable and comfortable chair as they are sturdy and long lasting.

Examples Of Outdoor Metal Furniture

When we say outdoor living, the first places that come to our mind are cafes, terraces, Winter Gardens, poolside and similar areas. Examples of items used here are metal table, metal chair, outdoor furniture, metal chaise longue, we can provide side table , outdoor cushions, metal furniture, patio furniture, dinnerware, bar stools, dining chairs. Metal: metal, which includes stainless steel, brass, zinc and lacquered or painted versions of them, is more often used on Table bases than on tops.  The Metal is durable and not easily damaged. As you can see, it is possible to see metal items in all areas because their use is very convenient and their quality is high. Cleaning of these outdoor furniture is a separate curiosity. In this regard, as long as the furniture is cleaned with a metal-appropriate cleaner, we can say that you can use it without wearing out for many years. As Anb metal, we carry out the preparation phase of the products with great care. Everything is under control from the beginning to the last moment. That is why we are able to offer highly durable and quality products. When our customers direct their requests, we act in a direction that will respond to their requests and go into production on demand.  In the production area, it is controlled not only by the robot, but also by authorized persons and products are obtained without problems. When something unusual is detected in the system during the preparation of the product, it is immediately intervened. We are always happy to provide services with our advanced service system.
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