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One of the most important elements in the construction phase of buildings such as skyscrapers, shopping malls and apartments where people are crowded is building security. Earthquakes, flooding, fire and roof leakage are the first things that come to mind when talking about building security. These problems are not ones that cannot be overcome with quality materials and workmanship. 

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One of the most important security elements that require high quality materials and advanced workmanship in the construction of a building is fire escape. Life-saving escape routes can be built with a well-constructed fire escape ladder.

How Should A High Quality And Safe Escape Ladder Be?

Many techniques and raw materials are used in the production of emergency escape. Portable escape methods are generally used in buildings where emergency exits are not planned or ignored during construction. The rope ladder made of fireproof ropes is the most preferred among these portable methods. However the rope ladder is not  so safe, especially for little children in case of a home fire. The most suitable type of emergency exit ladder for all buildings are metal escape ladders. Thanks to the high security measures it provides, metal emergency fire ladder is the most important safety element that enables both children and the elderly to leave the building easily and safely in any emergency, not only in the fire.  Metal fire escape ladders with high quality metal and advanced expertise, which we produce as Anb metal are preferred by many companies and people today. Metal fire escapes that we produce are designed in the most appropriate way for the exterior appearance of your building, as well as the security they provide.  We can easily design the fire escapes by using the metal expansion technique in different patterns and sizes thanks to the convenience provided by this technique. This metal that we produce emergency exit stairs is called expanded metal.

The Reason We Use Expanded Metal In The Production Of Emergency Exit Ladders

Expanded metal, also known as mesh, is one of the basic building materials in the construction industry. The metal sheets produced by turning the processed metal into a perforated structure are actually produced by the expansion method. No welding or assembly is made in the production of these metal plates.  The length of the product can be extended to a certain point thanks to its flexible structure. This situation makes the product economically more advantageous than other raw materials. It can be produced from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, and  copper. We can easily arrange patterns and dimensions according to the preferences of our customers. Economical expanded metals are also very light. It is preferred in many areas due to its decorative elegance. Therefore, they do not cause a bad view when they are mounted as stairs on the outer surface of the buildings. Another reason why expanded metal is preferred is its transportation and installation. It takes less time to install an emergency escape ladder made of expanded material. It is very easy to transport as it comes in parts. In case of any damage, it is very easy to repair the metal fire escape. All you need is to find enough expanded metal to repair the damaged area. You do not need to dismantle the entire metal ladder or change a larger part.

How To Use The Metal Fire Escape Ladder

It is quite easy to use metal fire escape ladders. However, it can be difficult to reach the emergency exit in case of a fire. If we think that the person inside of the building is in panic or has difficulty in breathing, we can say that this is more difficult than expected.  There are many fire safety precautions suchs as signs for fire extinguishers and fire escape exits in buildings such as business centers and shopping malls. However, fire precautions can be ignored in some apartments or detached houses. These neglents  increase the damage caused by the fire.  In case of fire, one of the most important things to know to escape is the building codes. Research and experience show that people who know building codes can reach emergency exits or fire extinguishers in a much shorter time in case of fire. That's why it's so important to do a fire drill with your family, especially at home. The fire safety education you will give your children can save their life when they are alone at home. Remember: it's easier to save your family and yourself from fire by taking precautions. Placing a fire extinguisher under window sills, not locking the emergency exit door, and installing a metal emergency escape ladder are the most important measures you can take. You can get information and assistance about the most suitable metal fire escape for your building. Our customer service is eager to listen to your questions and comments.
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