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Expanded metal mesh is a plate or sheet cut from metal sheets and stretched into a mesh. It is made with a mesh with diamond-shaped cavities by stretching metal, but can be created in many other patterns as well. Many metal types can be expanded, including stainless steel, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, aluminum, mild steel, and more.

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The pattern of the mesh can be either staggered (providing the lightest area) or a flat pattern with all rows and columns aligned. The open area ratio determines the amount of space for air, water and light to pass through and will vary according to the intended application of the expanded metal.

What Are the Benefits of Expanded Metal Meshes?

There are many benefits of using the expanded metal mesh that we produce as ANB Metal, these are; Cost effective: A small amount of metal can be stretched into a large piece. Efficient Process: Very little waste is generated when producing and processing expanded metal meshes. Good conductor: As our expanded metal braids are in one piece, they can be excellent conductors of electricity, magnetic flux, and heat.  Protective reinforcement: Our expanded metal mesh can be combined with glass, concrete and other materials for greater strength.  High strength: Our expanded metal mesh supports weight and withstand stress better than woven metals or joint welds. Low weight: Our expanded metal mesh is lighter than conventional metal sheets. Allows circulation: Our expanded metal mesh allows air and light to move freely. Acoustic properties: Our specially developed expanded metal mesh, meshes can enhance acoustics and provide sound insulation. 

How Are Expanded Metal Meshes Made? 

As ANB Metal; We manufacture our expanded metal mesh by an expanding machine that converts solid metal sheets and coils into an expanded metal mesh. The expanding machine is fitted with a pattern setting blade for the mesh of expanded metal mesh. As the metal passes through the expanding machine, it is cut and stretched simultaneously using a pressure slitting and stretching process. The patterns created by the blade allow the metal to stretch, which creates smooth holes. To ensure a smooth pattern, the expanding machine is programmed or operated manually while the metal is fed. The finished expanded metal mesh is then wound into coils or cut into sheets.

What are the Types of Expanded Metal Mesh? 

The most common expanded metal mesh types we produce as ANB Metal are: 

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh 

Standard expanded metal is extremely versatile and economical. It comes in a variety of gauge and opening sizes. It is often used to provide a hard, raised, non-slip surface. In standard expanded metal, strands and bonds are set at a proper angle. This provides extra strength and rigidity while allowing maximum air circulation.

Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh 

Flattened expanded metal is produced by cold rolled expanded metal to flatten it. It is chosen when a smooth surface is needed. The flattening process generally extends the length of the sheet by 5%.

Hexagonal Expanded Metal Mesh 

Hexagonal expanded metal has hexagonal openings instead of regular diamond ones. Its hexagonal shape gives the metal extra strength while allowing the passage of air, light, heat, sound and liquid. Hexagonal openings are preferred over diamond openings when the metal expands greatly.

Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

Architectural expanded metal has a diamond pattern with additional architectural features. The result is a design that combines good aesthetics, increased security and privacy, and improved ventilation. Suitable for functional and decorative purposes or a combination of the two.

Micro Expanded Metal Mesh

Micro expanded metal has small openings in light metal. Openings can be standard, flattened, hexagonal and square. This type of expanded metal is often used in filters. You can look and examine our expanded metal meshes product models in the product catalog on our website and you can easily access all technical features related to the products. You can choose by looking at all the materials and technical features used in production, and contact us immediately to get information about expanded metal meshes products. If you prefer us in your projects, we will be happy to work with you.
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