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Flattened expanded metal is an extremely versatile product created by making multiple slits in a metal sheet and then stretching the sheet to obtain a unique diamond pattern.

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Many products are obtained from expanded flattened metal. Let's look through examples:  Expanded metal is used by the construction industry as metal strips to support elements such as gypsum, plaster, or Adobe in walls and other structures. In the field of Modern architecture, expanded metal or steel mesh is an open or screened material that can be transformed into simple or complex decorative forms. Photographic images can be printed on the surface, creating textures or large graphic images that allow light to filter through the exterior of a building. Wire mesh is common in industrial, transportation, agriculture, horticulture and food sectors. The feature that makes a wire network such a versatile product is that it can be produced in an unlimited number of features. There are almost countless possibilities for combinations of Span sizes and wire diameters that can be obtained depending on the production possibilities, depending on whether we are talking about weaving or welded construction. Micro expanded metal networks are used operationally in all industrial areas such as air, filter and copper batteries. Some of the most common applications using our micro expanded metal networks include: Expanded metal filters Expanded metal screen Expanded metal enclosures for audio speakers Expanded metal coatings for filters Expanded metal aesthetic panels Expanded metal electrochemical conductor in new batteries Flattened Meshes You can secure many electronic structures or structures that you do not want to take a hit with housing metal coatings. These products, which are safely available, are suitable for use for anything that you do not want to be hit by purely electronic devices, and that you want to be protected against physical effects from outside. Dangerous movements that will occur in external factors protect generators, various electrical devices, or many external electronic products that you have large-scale investments, so that they are not included in the danger area.

Machine Protection

As you know, both the machines you use in your workplaces and the external building materials are both very expensive and difficult to perform products. They need protection. You can choose enclosure systems to keep your electrical devices in a secure cage so that they are not damaged by external impacts. In order to close the dangerous condition of any machine whose outer surface is sensitive and does not accept any impact, you can also choose machine housing systems at the point of protecting machine parts. Currently, the purpose of these machine protectors is to best protect electrical devices from external factors. For products that you will use so that they can be driven or installed in a fixed place, if protection is required on the moving parts of the machines, you may want to make a system that will keep the machine in a cage to avoid the danger zone.

Perforated Sheet

Perforated sheet is a metal sheet in which holes with a certain shape and pattern are drilled as a result of machining.  As ANB Metal, we produce regular flat sheets and perforated sheets in a certain order within the scope of both superficiality and usability. Perforated sheets are actively used in various areas such as filtration and ventilation, as they can allow water or air passage. Perforated sheets produced from metal and galvanized steel attract attention with their light and thin structure. As Anb metal company , we, together with our application development team, offer you products according to your requirements. Our company's goal is not just to sell products. It is one of our most basic stones to produce products according to the wishes of our customers by developing applications.Our application development team is responsible for designing and developing various software and applications in line with business needs and goals. We are happy to produce products in cooperation with you.
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