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Facade panels are one of the most preferred facade systems in building coatings. There are many reasons why exterior panels are preferred. These reasons are due to the advantages they provide. Aluminum and steel facade systems are one of the most preferred systems among coating systems.

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Expanded steel plates are mounted on aluminum frames mounted on the concrete part of the building. Expanded steels have different shapes due to the advantage of production. Different expanded steel panels can offer thousands of design options for buildings. Metal mesh, composite panel, titanium clamp panel systems are generally used in metal exterior panel systems.

Metal Mesh Facade Panels

These metal mesh products are mounted on aluminum frames produced. Metal mesh is a material that is very resistant to outdoor conditions. It is one of the most important materials for the building to look modern. Metal mesh is a material that is frequently seen on the outer walls of plazas and shopping malls. Metal mesh aluminum and stainless steel. Unique facades can be designed with meshes of many different colors and patterns. This offers many design alternatives for the exterior designs of buildings that can only be limited by the human imagination. Materials such as brass, copper, titanium, stainless, and galvanized material are used for the production of expanded metal. Facades made with metal mesh can be easily applied to old buildings. You can take a look at our materials produced for metal mesh applications in order to give your building a new face and modernity.

Composite Facade Panels

Composite panels in many countries of the world are have strong architectural aspects. Composite panels have become one of the indispensable elements of exterior facades because they have easy processing and stylish appearance. Composite panels are aluminum coated on both sides and contain polyethylene inside of them. They are mounted on the aluminum or steel framework on the facade of the building. Sound and heat insulation can be provided with the insulation material placed between the prepared carcass. They are ideal coating materials for all facades because they can be cut and bent easily. Contact our customer service for more information about our facade applications and materials.
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