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Expanded metal mesh ceiling applications, which have gained much more popularity in recent years, also come to the forefront with the ability to change the atmosphere of the space in an instant. Ceiling systems that have a transparent appearance and thus offer a suitable environment for all kinds of lighting systems can be used in all small and large areas. The mostly concerned element about these systems includes air circulation.

It does not cause any problems in the air circulation issue. For this reason, expanded metal mesh coating can be preferred in any kind of places. The fact that the metals used in these systems can be bent and twisted can be used in all kinds of designs. It offers unlimited options to for designers available to use.

Advantages of Expanded Metal Mesh Cladding Systems

These designs are thought to be used only in suspended ceiling systems. However, we can also demonstrate that these materials are frequently used in facade cladding systems. Thus, its advantages can also be utilized in facade siding works. The fact that it covers the electrical and mechanical systems brings with it using it in order to obtain an aesthetic appearance.

These systems have a semi-permeable surface. You can contact us if you want to get more detailed information about metal ceiling systems suitable for use in many different architectural aspects. In this way, you can get detailed answers to all the questions you are curious about, especially price information. Take a closer look at these systems to add value to your spaces.

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