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As you know, our company ANB metal serves you in many areas.Since 1992, we have been in the field with our expert staff and advanced technology.Our company can process a wide range of metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, titanium, stainless, galvanized and mild steel.  Our company has a team and technical equipment that analyzes machine innovations in its own structure to make Serial and high-quality production, has technological production that can make automatic cutting and Burr-free production. In addition, it is used in production lines with its own design and production machines. 

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In suspended ceilings, facades, sunshades, filters, decorations and many special projects, it serves in bending, welding  paint and other designs by giving shape to enlarged metal and holes. We are with you both in the architectural field and in the industrial field. We care very much about your wishes.Taking into account the suggestions from you, we are going to innovations in our company every day. We will give you information about metal chairs that we have developed in the architectural field. Many of us care about the use of table chairs outdoors. Because we spend almost all of the day in closed offices. Outdoor space where we feel good, we are alone with  ourselves,we spend fun time with our loved ones,we are intertwined with nature, it is an important area. As with every product we produce, we work diligently on high quality and durability in metal chair production. One of the works we carry out in the architectural  field is metal table and chairs sets. Our primary goal when producing metal table and chair  sets is that they are weather resistant,modern in style and extremely comfortable in  comfort.

Why Choose Metal Chair?

As you know, chairs are not constantly changing items. Furniture items are not items that can be renewed at any time, so your first choice is to buy products that can be used for years. Therefore, your priority is to buy products that are durable and can be used for many years. It has practical use. It attracts attention with its stylish appearance. It is resistant to weather conditions. It is especially resistant to rust. Rusting problem is one of the main problems in the use of outdoor goods. Increase your chances of choice with different pore width options.  Expanded metal mesh chairs offer you the quality you are  looking for. We also carry out our metal chair production activities in the desired dimensions with diligence with our experience and expert staff. For example, you want to buy a chair set, and you pass it on to us. We can produce products in the desired sizes and structures according to your request. Looking at all these features, instead of buying an ordinary simple chair set, the choice of metal table chair set is more advantageous both economically and in terms of quality we can see it happening.

Expanded Metal Chair Uses

You can use expanded metal mesh chairs as a rest area in your offices.All employers who value their employees and want to help them spend an efficient period of time can supply the metal chairs we have produced from us with peace of mind. You can use it in your winter gardens. We're getting tired of the intense pace.  We're looking for an escape. That's why open spaces are our first choice. Instead of buying a simple set of table chairs, it is useful to choose these extremely comfortable metal chairs that you can use for years. The outdoor seating areas of your cafes are another area where you can use a metal chair.  If you want to offer your customers a different concept and attract attention, these metal chairs can be your priority. In your offices, you can easily choose in your leisure areas, that is, in open spaces and in open life. Our expanded metal mesh chairs, it is one of our products that manages to capture simplicity with its design, which does not surrender to mediocrity, and to come to the forefront in a decorative sense with its ability to adapt to any environment.We are pleased to serve you with a wide variety of these areas. Our metal chair product scale is as follows: outdoor furniture, gravity chairs, dining,c hairs, patio chairs, patio furniture, chaise longue,rocking chairs,Adirondack chairs, aluminum frame. As part of outdoor furniture, for example, in the summer months, you buy expanded matal chair for use in the pool of your home or business. In this context, it is important for you to be durable and comfortable. If you do not want to allocate a separate budget for an expanded metal chair every year, the metal mesh chair we produce with the latest technology will be a nice choice. Furniture that we use in open spaces must adapt to all weather conditions metal chairs provide you with years of use. It is possible to use the coldest days of winter. Comfort, high quality, durability, stainless structure will be your preferred reason.
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