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Aluminum meshes, which are used to shape metal materials, are among the most important requirements of the construction and building sector. Thanks to the aluminum mesh coating systems, artistic structures that can look decorative in appearance can be emerged. As the variety of materials increases, more modern and comfortable structures can emerge. Aluminum mesh is one of the most important details used in the construction industry and thus bears the feature of being an important material for the industry.

Aluminum meshes, which is a building material in the construction sector, have been called “Mesh Expanded”, namely expanded metal. These products are obtained after expanding by cutting. These products are preferred in architectural and industrial areas in terms of having a decorative structure. Aluminum mesh prices may vary according to details such as technical specifications, dimensions and brand of the product you choose. In addition, the pricing policy of the company you prefer will have an effect on pricing.

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What are the Properties of Aluminum Mesh?

The sized dimensions in the products may vary according to the characteristics of your projects. Aluminum mesh can be produced from materials such as mild steel and stainless copper. These products are environment friendly and can be used for many years with their functional characteristics.

Aluminum mesh, which is used visually for fire escape spaces or for sunshade on coated facade, has different color, pattern and pore space dimensions depending on your projects. The pore sizes of these products, which are produced from aluminum and stainless plates, may vary in direct proportion with the thickness of the plates.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Aluminum Mesh?

In general, it is possible to install the products which are suitable for dimensions like 6 cm and 2.5 cm by placing them in the frame. However, if you do not have any experience in installation, you can try to get professional support. When you choose from aluminum meshes, it is enough to act in accordance with your needs.

Company selections are also important to reach the right products. You can have products that you can use for many years when you prefer reliable and positive feedback from customers. Produced as environment friendly, we offer you a wide range of aluminum mesh solutions to meet your different needs.

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